he Sant Pau restaurant is built on our personal and professional development, my own and Toni Balam's. We started working together in 1975 in the grocery store owned by Ramon Ruscalleda and Núria Serra. It was from there that we gathered up the courage to create the Sant Pau - Carme Ruscalleda in 1988, a restaurant that is committed to quality and originality.

Located at ‘calle Nou’ number 10, in the costal town of Sant Pol de Mar, the restaurant gave new life to an 19th century townhouse. With a beautiful garden and sea views the restaurant replaced a hotel called the Hostal Sant Pau, which was founded in the nineteen sixties and only opened during the summer months. 

Originally the menu at the Sant Pau restaurant was much simpler than the one we find today, especially in terms of technique and complexity. Nevertheless, an equal amount of care and attention was put into selecting the ingredients used. Since the beginning, we have worked with the best produce on the market, sourced locally in the Maresme region

The Sant Pau-Carme Ruscalleda restaurant has built a loyal customer base, we have received important professional, social and artistic awards and participate and collaborate in a diverse range of media: magazines, newspapers, radio and television, receiving the highest evaluations in gastronomic guides. Definitively, it was our professional commitment that stimulated us to open a restaurant with its own particular style and gastronomy, offering an inspiring menu based on traditional Catalan cuisine.


30 years

This is the content of the little notebook that we have published as a short look back over the last 30 years of the Sant Pau.

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Carrer Nou, 7    

08395 Sant Pol de Mar

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mail: cuinaestudi@ruscalleda.cat / sue@ruscalleda.cat