ant Pau, which served its final dish on 27 October 2018 after 30 years in the restaurant business, was an extension of our personal and professional growth, both my own and Toni Balam's. The two of us began working together in 1975 in the food store owned by my parents, Ramon Ruscalleda and Núria Serra. It was there, surrounded by a world of food, that we gathered up the courage to create Sant Pau - Carme Ruscalleda, a restaurant that would embody the values of quality and originality, in 1988.

Located at Carrer Nou, number 10, in Sant Pol de Mar, the restaurant breathed new life into an old town house, with its lovely garden and views of the sea, which had been built back in 1881 and had been operating as a hostel every summer since the sixties under the name Sant Pau.  

As our culinary careers kicked off, we kept Sant Pau's menu much simpler than we have in recent years, especially when it came to technique and complexity, which is not to say that we selected our ingredients with any less care or attention. We have always worked with the highest-quality products on the market, most of which we source locally from the El Maresme region.

 Our restaurant, Sant Pau - Carme Ruscalleda, built a loyal customer base of fine diners. Moreover, we were granted important professional, social and artistic awards and given the highest of ratings in many gastronomic guides. To this day, we continue to participate on and collaborate with a range of media: magazines, newspapers, radio and television. All of this is the result of the unwavering professional commitment we have had since that day, over 30 years ago, when we felt compelled to open a restaurant with its own unique gastronomic style whose menu would be the best possible combination of traditional Catalan cuisine and our freely inspired ideas.

Finally, after 30 years of service and success, we decided to close this chapter in our career and open a new one. The website you are visiting now is a testament to that very fact. CUINA ESTUDI.


30 years

This is the content of the short notebook that we published as a quick look back over Sant Pau's 30 years in business.

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