saturday 27.10.2018

Fine Gold Turron

Fine Gold Turron
  1. Beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt in a large mixing bowl using and electric beater or mixer. As the peaks start of form, add the sugar bit by bit until the mixture becomes white and thick.

  2. Fold in the toasted nuts with a spatula, mixing well but gently

  3. Divide the mixture into 3 parts and spread the portions evenly onto a sheet of baking paper. Cover each one with another sheet of baking paper.Use a rolling pin to go over the the paper until the three portions are half  a centimetre thick.

  4. Place the turron in the oven paper on to flat baking trays and bake them at 140ºC for 8 minutes.  Remove the paper from the top of each turron and bake at 100ºC for another 40 minutes until they are dry and crispy. Store in an airtight container once they have cooled down.

    Before serving the turron at the table, carefully add the sheets of gold.This added glow will give your home made turron that extra touch of  luxury and glamour  as only gold can. Arrange the turron on small individual plates, or piled into a large serving bowl in large pieces for an easier serving option.

  • 100g  of toasted hazelnuts, peeled and chopped evenly
  • 100g  toasted almonds, peeled and chopped evenly
  • 100g  of lightly toasted pistachios, peeled and chopped evenly
  • 2  egg whites
  • 150g  of sugar
  • a pinch of salt
  • Option:  10 fine sheets of edible gold ( available in cake shops)